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Academic Advisors and Guidance Counselors!

Care about your student’s future, but are FRUSTRATED with the lack of ‘student friendly’ resources available to help you ADVISE your students?…

BISS Services are for you.

We Get it!

Lack of Resources as a Student Advisor

Even the most experienced, caring, competent and knowledgeable student advisor /counselors cannot thoroughly advise any one student, let alone dozens or hundreds, WE KNOW! Even guiding our own children through this decision and process has not been easy.

As you know, each student is unique and different in so many ways, from academic ability, interest and aptitude, to financial capability, to those who wish to study abroad in a country that you are completely unfamiliar with. There are thousands of academic institutes in the US alone and it is impossible for any one advisor to be able to know all the viable possibilities that could be an excellent match for your students. BISS services was created to fill the gaps that you do not have the time, capacity or knowledge to be able to fill. BISS helps you help your students successfully navigate one of the most important and difficult decisions they will make in their young lives. And we do so at a nominal cost to your students and their families.

BISS Solutions for your Students Educational Futures


The foundation of BISS services is our Basic Package- a proprietary, highly affordable, web-based, ‘matchmaking’ platform that offers a comprehensive step by step approach for U.S domestic or International  Students who wish to continue their studies in the U.S. (Coming Soon: U.K, Australia, Canada, etc.)

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BISS is a student and family-focused, full service educational solutions provider.

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