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 You want to STUDY ABROAD but think there is no way?
Think again!

BISS’s Matchmaking System is your bridge.


It’s Your Future, Your Decision, Your life!

For any student choosing what to do after graduation is one of the most important and challenging decisions you will ever make. For those who wish to study abroad the challenges are greater! We know how complicated the process can be for you, the intelligent, hard-working international secondary school student or graduate (we understand!) So we designed a user friendly, step-by-step system specifically for you. One that guides you through the decisions and complexities step by step and then matches you with institutes that fits your chosen field of study or vocation, capabilities, preferences and financial ability.

You’re Facing some Tough Questions

  • What should I do, what skill or major should I pursue?
  • Which country should I seek to study in
  • Should I go to a “VoTech” institute or a full University? (US) What’s the difference?
  • Do I need to go to an English Language School (ELS) first?
  • How do I apply?
  • How much will it cost and how much can I afford?
  • What are the steps, requirements, and cost involved with studying abroad? What should I consider when applying for a Visa?

BISS Term Definitions


VoTech (Vocational/Trade, Technical) Institutes: Are post-secondary schools and institutes that provide targeted training and education where you earn a certificate, license or associates degree (2 year diploma) in a specific skill, trade or technical job. BISS calls them “VoTech” and divides them generally into two classes:

1.)   ‘Vo’cational Education and Training (VET) also called “Industrial Arts”, “Trade Schools or Institutes”. These jobs are primarily ‘hands on’, skilled labor positions where you learn and apply specific, physical skills. Plumbing, Electrician, Welding are just a few or many examples. 

2.)  Career and ‘Tech’nical Education (CTE), Also called “Tech schools or Institutes”, the more academically or technically oriented positions. Advanced Auto mechanics, Software Programing, Paralegal are examples.

Some VoTech can fall under both classes depending on the level of skill or expertise you seek to obtain.

Both VET or CTE are usually taught in a ‘teach and then do’ type of method, so there is classroom and then practical application work stations where you learn and use the ‘tools’ of the skill. Technical (CTE) schools generally require more advanced classroom type learning than Vocational (VTE) schools.  And there  is often on-the-job training as well. All training for either VET or CTE are specific to their field. Example: if you choose to go to a culinary school, every thing you learn and do will be related to the specific culinary field that you choose to study.

There are hundreds of “VoTech” fields, here are just a few examples:

  • Air Conditioning tech (HVAC)
  • Air Traffic controller
  • Aircraft Pilot license & certification
  • Auto Mechanics
  • A variety of Building & Construction skills
  • Culinary (chef school)
  • Elevator Technician
  • A variety of ‘IT’ applications & certificates
  • Paralegal
  • Paramedic & Health related skills
  • Plumbing
  • Hi-tech Welding
  • and many, many more.
  • A full list of options is available as part of BISS Basic Package

VoTech courses can run from a few weeks (a barista certificate) to 4 years (complete auto or airplane mechanic/technician), averaging between 3 and 9 months. Some VoTechs have ‘rolling admissions‘ meaning they can start classes every 2 to 3 months. The cost of any given program varies greatly depending upon the vocation or skill chosen and the duration of the program. That said, they are typically less expensive than a 4-year university program.  Most programs also have much easier admissions requirements, giving those with lower secondary school grades (GPA) — or who are short on the required academic course work to gain entrance into a 4 year bachelor’s University program — an option for further education and an opportunity to find excellent, well paying employment. 

Most VoTech’s offer either a certificate or the license necessary to be employed in that work or field. Many offer guided field work experience after completion of the classroom stage. Some have internship programs attached to them as well, often leading to a job offer. There are hundreds of VoTech schools and institutes seeking international students and offer visa sponsorship.


BISS defines the ‘university’ as a 2 year or a 4 year degree program where you physically attend a specific university or college in a specific location and are seeking to obtain an Associate’s (2 year) or a Bachelor’s (4 year) degree/diploma. The majority of Universities have on campus housing that many VoTech and Language Institutes will not offer. – BISS has a separate track for those students that wish to pursue ‘online’ courses or degrees (coming soon).

The university track, unlike the VoTech track, is going to be a diverse, broad based educational track. What this means is that in the course of a University based Associate or Bachelor’s degree program, a full year or more of your studies is going to be spent taking courses in various subjects regardless if they have any relevance to your field of study. You will have to take some English writing and literature, some history or social studies, some political science and economics, some math, some physical education no matter what you major in. The philosophy or education behind the University program is to have a student be ‘well rounded’ with some fundamental knowledge in a number of ‘disciplines’ and then a heavy emphasis on your field of study in which you get your degree.

The university track will also have  specific minimal entrance requirements based on your secondary school course work and grades and possibly other criteria, which will vary between universities. Most VoTech Institutes and all Language Institutes do not have such requirements. Also, for International Students, the University track will demand proof of ability to pay for 2 or 4 years of education, depending on the length of the program, to be given to the US consular before issuing a student study visa.  

English Language School (ELS)

These schools exclusivly focus on learning English. 

From a practical perspective it is simple. If you are struggling to read and understand this and it is taking you time and effort, then BISS highly recommends that you consider going to an English Language school (ELS) before attempting to go to a university or VoTech institute. 

ELS Advantages: 

  •  FLEXIBILITY: Unlike most university language programs, Independent ELS’s have flexibility. Most have ‘rolling entrance’ dates meaning that you maybe able to start in October or March or April, etc. as they have multiple class start up dates around the year.
  • VARIETY OF LEARNING LEVELS:  Many ESL’s have a variety of class levels form basic beginner, to intermediate, to high tech or business language classes. Also, language immersion is the best way to master a language in the shortest amount of time
  • STUDENT VISA SPONSORING:  All BISS referred language schools can issue the necessary documents to be submitted to the US consular to gain the all-important student visa 
  • ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS ARE MINIMAL:  ESL’s do not require your Secondary/High school transcripts or records or any other Test scores or entrance exams to gain entrance. They may have you take their own English aptitude test but this is simply so that they will know which level of class to place you in.  Basically, all you need to go to an ELS is the necessary finances to pay for the courses, the TOPE and that you be at least 18 years of age.
  • UNIVERSITY RECOMMENDATIONS: Some ESL institutes have agreements with certain universities to accept you based on their recommendation regardless of your TOEFL score. 

BISS Solutions for your Educational Future


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